Train yourself to become one of the best party planners

It’s certainly viable to organise a big function yourself, but if you want things to go precisely the way you planned them and everyone to be satisfied, consider contacting some of these expert figures.

The very best way to celebrate an important celebration is to create wonderful memories during the process. For instance, the finest wedding planners always be sure that plenty of pictures are taken all through the day, recording the moments of happiness both for the guests and for the hosts. This notion can be applied to any occasion, not just wedding events: be it a retirement party, a milestone birthday, an anniversary, it is surely worth choosing a photographer specialised in events, like Gordon Singer. To ensure the photographer is the right one for what you want, check out their portfolios before booking.

One of the things most event planning companies will advise when organising a function is to get the food taken care of by professionals. While you may think that you can surely deal with preparing some snacks and refreshments for your guests, it may just grow into additional pressure as you actually have so many more things to do. Instead, hire a catering service, like Luca Camboni: you can review a menu in advance, provide them any dietary requirements your guests may have, and even uncover some delicious creative cuisine.

As you have a special celebration just around the corner and you are wondering how to be an event planner, there are actually a couple of things you can control on your own: booking a venue, for example, is something you can do without an intermediary, as long as you ensure that you plan this enough ahead of time, to make certain it will be available for the date you need. Another thing you should manage by yourself is the guest list: you are the ideal person to comprehend all the dynamics within your varied clusters of buddies and members of the family, and who better than you will be aware of exactly how to create a crowd where everyone fits in? Remember to set a well-defined plus-one policy, and ask for RSVPs.

Of course, as you organise your event, you perhaps recognise yourself as the life of the party, and to some point, you will be. However, you should not put the pressure of entertaining all your guests solely on yourself: it is worth considering hiring some professional entertainers, part of every event planning checklist. This could be in the form of an MC, if you want to include some activities for your guests, or a certain schedule to be followed, to guide your crowd through the evening. If, instead, you are not the biggest fan of organised fun, and you simply want some background activity to maintain the evening going, start thinking about hiring some experienced musicians like the Octavas duo.

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